The role of the web page in a company's marketing and customer relationships is ever more important. Your web page is your chance to promote your products or services, communicate your ways of doing business and make a great first impression on your customers. Each web page has its own objectives. We are here to help you create one that meets the objectives set by your company. We value quality and customer satisfaction. Your web page is no exceptin to this rule. We create a customised solution keeping in mind your company's specifies and individual needs. We are flexible and versatile with our solutions. We have created many solutions for our customers and encourage you to pick one that matches your company's needs and budget.


  • Custom solutions

    Together we will go through the aims you have set for your web page and we will then taylor the solution to meet your requests and needs. Your web page will get a personalised design reflecting the character of your company while providing a remarkable experience for your customers. Further managing of the webpage is simple using the HansaCMS content management system.

    With our solution you need not worry about the marketing of your page. Optimising the web page for search engines is part of the process, which we consider already during development. As we like to put it: "Anything is possible".

    We stay with our customers also after the solution is completed, offering full customer support.

  • Web2

    Each customer is different and so are their needs and requirements for their web page. We have created the Web2 as an affordable solution for small and medium sized businesses. The advantage of Web2 as compared to the above options is a faster result at a lower cost. We offer a number of original ready-made design themes. The design is closely tied to structural setup of the web page while still leaving room for personalisation (e. g your company logo and pictures).

    The web page is managed using our simple and intuitive Web2 CMS content management system. Please read more here

  • Webbyt

    Webbyt is meant for small and medium sized businesses focusing on selling their products using an online store. Webbyt is the fastest and most convenient of the solutions as it allows you to set up your online store yourself. All you need to do is pick a package, choose a theme and fill in your data.

    The Webbyt CMS content management system makes it super easy to manage your store. Please read more here

  • Wordpress

    We offer you to use Wordpress as the platform for your web page. The advantages of Wordpress include its simplicity and versatility. Being a free platform, it allows you to choose from a variety of ready-made themes, or you can order a custom design solution from us. Managing the page is very simple. We help you to set up the web page in Wordpress and also provide training on further content management - adding new sub-pages, pictures and other content.